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Finding the right marketing agency for your project can be challenging. There are so many options and it hard to know which one will provide you with the best service, quality, and pricing. Over the last 5 years we have compiled data on thousands of business transactions and used it to train an algorithm to predict the most successful business matches based on that data.

Today, our intelligent ranking algorithm has the advantage of providing you with an unbiased and objective review of all the marketing agencies in Montreal and match you with the best agencies for your business. The algorithm will read all the information available online about your business and it will match you the top marketing agencies for you. The service is completly free for your business and you don't have to go with any of the matched agencies.

The Process

  • You can start the process by filling a brief online form about your buisness. Once submitted, the algorithm will use the submitted information in addition to all the online information available about your business to figure out your best match.

  • The top agencies that matches you business will be contacted with anonymized information about your business to judge their interest in getting introduce to your business.

    You will receive a summay of the top 2-5 chosen agencies that have confirmed interest.

  • Using our online interface you will be able to setup a meeting with the agencies that you want to work with. Once you setup a meeting with an agency, they will receive your business details and project information to prepare for their meeting with you.

  • In return for our matching service, we kindly ask you to contribute to the imporvment our algorithm by reviewing the marketing agencies meeting and their work.

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Top 5 Marketing Agencies in Monteal

The following is an automated, up-to-date, and unbiased list of the top marketing agencies in Montreal as of 12/1/2023.

Rank Agency Logo Agency Name Agency Web Address
Sid Lee
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The ranking algorithm takes into consideration over 18,000 data points to automatically rank each marketing agency in Montreal. The data points includes the agency work, clients, size, sentiment analysis of customer reviews, online social presence (twitter, facebook, linkedin), online web presence, public government records, public companies information, employees reviews, company jobs description... We will never manually change the ranking of any agency, so please do not contact us to change your ranking!