Frequently Asked Questions

The service is free for any business that is looking to get connected to a marketing agency.

Several things happen at the same time:

  • If you have provided a busness website, our algorithm will crawl all the information about your business to help it decide on what is your best match.
  • The system will create a list of the top agency that matches your business, are located near to your business, and ranked by their quaility of work.
  • We will contact each of the agency to see if they can take you project.
  • last we will send you a notification of the top 3-5 agency that can take your project so that you can setup a meeting.

By reviewing the agencies that you have worked with, you will help our system to better rank mareting agencies for you and for others.

You don't have to work with any of the agencies, you are free to change your mind at any time. Our purpose is just to find you with the best match, just let us know if you are not happy with the matches that we have provided so that we can do better the next time. The system can only improve with your feedback.

The algorithm takes into consideration several factors when ranking a marketing agencies:

  • The agency web reputation.
  • The agency social reputation (linkedin, twitter, facebook...).
  • The agency employee's feedback.
  • The agency client's feedback.
  • The agency size, type of services...
  • In addition to other factors.


Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Who we are?

Our Mission is to connect businesses together, using an unbiased and intelligent matchmaking algorithm.

  • We crawl the web for information.
  • We control the quality of retrieved information.
  • We help businesses make the best connection.